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OSOK – Integrative Program

“One Shot One Kill” – How does the elite warrior accomplish it, time after time, under the most challenging conditions? How can every Warfighter achieve it?OSOK Main


OSOK-IP is a “warrior-centric” integrative platform to performance enhancement—a program that shows warriors how to set up and manage their own performance enhancement system through the concept of cultural integration. In addition, OSOK-IP is designed not only to enhance performance but also to jump-start Warfighter hardiness and resilience. By building on the skills that Warfighters already possess, OSOK aims to translate good Warfighter qualities to good life habits. It focuses on the interdependence, or “package,” of health-related factors, and its relation to athletic performance is a key to its success.

OSOK-IP is a holistic system that was developed on the battlefront by warrior athletes (“YOU”) from U.S. and coalition forces. OSOK-IP is a constantly evolving and growing system made possible through the feedback and contributions of those in the fight who want to continue to reach and maintain their optimal level of performance on and off the battlefield.

In addition, OSOK-IP brings together the “best of the best” of strategies used by military elitists and professional athletes from such organizations as West Point’s Center for Enhanced Performance (CEP) and the USUHS Human Performance Resource Center (HPRC).


Due to the intensity of this program, common side effects may include:

  • increased strength, muscle mass, endurance, speed, power, accuracy, agility, focus and concentration, courage, motivation, and reaction time
  • improved problem solving, memory, sleep, recovery time, immune system, emotional regulation, work performance, and unit cohesion
What is OSOK?
One Shot One Kill (OSOK) provides Warfighters the physical and mental skills required for optimal performance.
The four essential "steps" of training.
Training as a team makes a team stronger.