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Physical Fitness FAQs

General Exercise and Activity Guidelines
HPRC answers your general activity questions, from how much exercise to get per week to how to be active during the day at work.
Resistance Training
HPRC answers frequently asked questions about strength training, whether you’re just beginning a strengthening program or need more variety in your workouts.
Cardiovascular Fitness
HPRC answers commonly asked questions about endurance exercise that can help you to pass your PT test.
Flexibility and Mobility
Flexibility is sometimes the forgotten element of fitness. Find out the answers to common questions regarding warm-up, cool-down, and flexibility and their importance for your workouts.
Exercise and Pregnancy
Female active-duty service members have to stay fit during and after a pregnancy. Get your questions answered about exercising while pregnant and post-pregnancy.
Injury Prevention and Safety
Preventing injury and exercising safely are keys to mission success. HPRC answer common questions on how to prevent injury and stay safe during your workouts.