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Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention reaching out [JPG]Your emotions and overall mental health are important pieces of optimal performance. Learn when you need to stop and assess your mental health before it becomes a crisis. This information on different aspects of mental health can help you get through trying times and reach the other side stronger.

Traumatic Brain Injury
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a serious condition that affects you mentally and physically. Learn about TBI here with interactive websites, information about rehabilitation, and learning skills.
Depression and Anxiety
Learn what the signs of depression and anxiety are, recognize when it becomes a problem, and know where to go for help.
Suicide Prevention
These resources provide information to help you resist self-harm or to help others who may be having suicidal thoughts.
Mental Health Apps, Tools, and Videos
Online, anonymous assessments to help you make sense of your symptoms.
For Commanders and Healthcare Providers
Information and guidelines for leaders and healthcare providers on mental health.
Security clearances and mental health—Part 1: Judgment matters
In this two-part series, HPRC unpacks myths about the impact of mental health care on security clearances. Learn how good judgment and your response on question 21 on the SF86 are what really matters when it comes to clearance status.
Security clearances and mental health—Part 2: Q21 on SF86
Part 2 of HPRC’s security clearances and mental health series takes a closer look at the implications of responses to question 21 on your SF86 security clearance application.
Take responsible action for your mental health
During Mental Health Awareness Month, HPRC takes a look at common barriers to seeking support for mental health concerns. Learn what you can do to get the help you need.
PTSD and sleep disturbance: A double whammy
Learn how post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and insomnia work to create a vicious cycle.
PTSD and sleep disruption: Available treatments
Highly effective behavioral treatments exist for both PTSD and sleep disruption. Learn more about the types of interventions available to resolve symptoms.
PTSD and sleep disruption: Which to tackle when?
In this article, learn how to decide on the order in which to pursue treatment options when you’re experiencing both PTSD symptoms and sleep disruption.