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Flying planes [JPG]Military aviation officers not only have to pilot helicopters and aircrafts, but also have to perform key duties such as flight operations, navigations, and air traffic control. This section provides useful information regarding various aviation manuals, training programs, and educational links across all branches of the military.

A pain in the neck—causes in helicopter and fighter pilots
Chronic and acute neck pain among pilots can affect the readiness and effectiveness of service men and women who take to the skies on a regular basis. Find out what is being done about the increasing occurrence of neck pain among military pilots of helicopters and fighter jets.
Bibliography of Scientific Publications, Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory
Browse through the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory’s bibliography of publications from 1995 to 2010. References include studies on spatial disorientation, responses to hypoxic environments, motion sickness, and human performance in other challenging aviation environments.
Environmental Extreme Research Program
This short video will give you an overview of the research being conducted by the Environmental Extreme Research program of the Military Operational Medicine Research Program. This program seeks to "sustain and enhance physical and cognitive military performance capabilities and minimize medical problems associated with military operations at the environmental extremes of heat, cold, and high terrestrial altitude by identifying and explaining the etiology and pathophysiological mechanisms.”
NASA: Human Factors 101
The Ames Research Center performs research on human performance, interaction between humans and computers, and technology. Check out the "lessons" section for examples of ongoing research projects.
Tips for G-TIP
Flying under G-forces? Here are tips you can use to improve your G-tolerance during flight.
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
The 711th Human Performance Wing of Wright-Patterson AFB focuses on Warfighter optimization. The three units within the wing aim to improve performance in air, space, and cyberspace through research, education, and consultation. Keep track of their latest activities through their website.